• Image of Gratitude Edition CD & Book
  • Image of Gratitude Edition CD & Book

Citizens of the Planet Gratitude Edition CD & Book

This Gratitude Edition CD is a pre-purchase of the up-coming album Citizens of the Planet and in a very special package. This will be the first batch of discs to be released when the new album is ready, and will be a lovingly designed and created 7x7 inch hard-bound book w/ CD attached to the inside front cover. This book will be filled with photos, poems, short stories and random thoughts. Stay posted on www.tonichilds.com and follow toni on facebook to keep tabs on when this album will be completed and released!!

We have passed our cut-off to have your name printed in the book now as it is going to print very soon, yes -- VERY SOON!!

Available as Gratitude, Pure Gratitude, Immense Gratitude & Universal Gratitude, Gratitude for LIFE!!!

I hope I didn't miss some details in the rush to put this store scenario together.

I feel like we should explain that this album is currently being made and as soon as it is finished you will be the first on the list to receive this special version of the album. By pre-purchasing this album YOU are actually instrumental in making the album a reality! The current status of things is that the album has been mastered by Bob Ludwig and is ready to go!! : Bob is a legend in his own right -- for more info check this out:: Bob's Bio

The finishing touches are being done on the book itself right now and we are itching to get this out the door to you!! We have some really amazing news we are about to drop so watch this space!

Here is a little feel for the process thus far

making talk video

thanks for listening :)