• Image of Citizens of the Planet Eco-wallet CD

Pre-purchase the Citizens of the Planet album in an environmentally friendly Eco-wallet: Luxuriously green

Eco-wallets offer all the feel of Digipaks without any of the plastic, made from premium recycled stock in a tasteful matte finish that will last.

You get the full album, delivered to your door!
Plus for a limited time you get a download of A Beautiful Life pre-release version from the up-coming album. Stay posted on www.tonichilds.com and follow toni on facebook to keep tabs on when this album will be completed nd released!!

*Artwork pictured is not necessarily final :)

Please read on::

I hope I didn't miss some details in the rush to put this store scenario together.

I feel like we should explain that this album in currently being made and as soon as it is finished you will be the first on the list to receive this version of the album. By pre-purchasing this album YOU are actually instrumental in making the album a reality! The current status of things is that 99.99% of the recording is done and the mixing is nearly there too. Once this is completed we will hand it over to Bob Ludwig for some serious mastering : Bob is a legend in his own right -- for more info check this out:: Bob's Bio

And, continuing our story - once the mastering is done we will finalise the artwork and then you will get your copy. We promise to keep you updated as we go, and feel free to check in with Toni on facebook for updates too.

here is a little feel for the process thus far

making talk video

thanks for listening :)